Theology In Practice (TIP) is a blog that exists to serve the Church by helping Christians think critically and Biblically about pervasive issues that are prevalent in church and culture. TIP engages with and expounds upon deep & robust Reformed Christian Theology, and seeks to make it palatable and practical to daily life for the common reader as well as the scholar. This blog tackles a wide array of topics including but not limited to theology, social issues, family, ecclesiology, philosophy, the Arts, polemics, apologetics, eschatology, missiology, and the like. TIP is concerned most importantly with upholding the glory of the triune God (Father, Son, Spirit) and more specifically the primacy of the God-Man Jesus Christ. In all things we aim to view every topic addressed through the lens of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The goal of TIP is that the reader would be challenged in their thinking, refreshed in their affections for Christ, and encouraged to drink deeply from the wells of Scripture, whereby applying Biblical doctrine to daily practice. Join us along the journey!


Niv Lemoine is Husband to his beautiful wife Sade Lemoine. Together they Have a daughter Ellaniah Joy and a second daughter on the way. Niv and his family reside in Lancaster, PA and are members of Crossway Church in Millersville, PA of the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Churches. Niv is currently completing his Bachelors in Biblical Studies at Lancaster Bible College and will proceed to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Pursuit of his Masters of Divinity. If the Lord wills, his goal is to continue his education at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA in pursuit of a Doctorate of Divinity. This is no easy feat and will require much grace from the Lord Jesus. Niv would covet your prayers during this journey, and he hopes that as his education increases so will the depth of the content and fluidity of the blog. Niv welcomes your feedback and questions, as he aims to make this blog mutually beneficial. May the Grace and peace of our Lord Christ Jesus be extended to you as you pursue personal holiness to the glory of God!